A Much Awaited Public School

Equipped with all the modern amenities, is all set to establish

A Purposeful System of Education

Focuses on building 5Cs in children-

  • Courage
  • Curiosity
  • Concentration
  • Creativity
  • Compassion

Believes in

  • Preparing the children to experience the power within.
  • Ensuring transformation in children through Education for Peace.
  • Evaluating the child’s progress not only in scholastic but in 09 multiple Intelligences to let the children know their worth.
  • Developing Logic and Language first, anything else later, for “Perfect” development of children.

Aims at

  • Preparing the children to receive what is being imparted.
  • Guaranteed Progress of each and every child with support of parents.

Special Features that stands SWASTYAYAN out

  • Only 35 students in one section.
  • Investigatory way of learning.
  • Freedom to children under strict supervision for healthy growth.
  • Regular orientation for parents and teachers.
Swastyayan believes that there are nine intelligences that need to be nurtured and developed in children. The nine intelligences reflect different ways of thinking, solving problems and learning. Multiple Intelligence is a tool which allows our teachers to expose students to new concepts and skills in multiple ways and allows our students to demonstrate their understanding in multiple ways as well.While we ensure our students are capable learners and almost always exceed the grade level expectations on standardized measures, we feel it is important to challenge our students above and beyond those measures. MI serves as a vehicle by which we do this.

Following are the nine Multiple Intelligences:

  • Verbal-linguistic: demonstrates strong verbal communication, advanced vocabulary, etc.
  • Logical-mathematical: understands logical and numerical patterns as well as abstract concepts.
  • Spatial-visual: visualizes accurately and uses abstract information to picture the information in one’s head
  • Bodily-kinesthetic: skillfully uses and controls the body and objects.
  • Musical: produces rhythm and pitch, and appreciates musical values,
  • Interpersonal: responds appropriately to others by understanding social cues, motivations and moods.
  • Intrapersonal: aware of one’s own feelings, values and thinking processes.
  • Naturalist: identifies and categorizes animals, plants and other aspects of nature.
  • Existential: contemplates deep questions about human existence, including the purpose of life, how we came to be, etc.