Principal's Message

Mrs. Deepshikha Pant

Dear Parents,
A Country has two most important pillars to build its structure .Health and Education. The state of services in these two sectors, decides the progress of a country. We all are well aware of the prevailing situation in these two fields in India. Technological development is at its peak and resources are in abundance no doubt, in India. But what is lacking, as we are unable to register satisfactory progress on the global map? We must solely hold the schools responsible for it, as every human resource is produced from the school only . Globalisation of the affairs has blinded us and we are unable to be discernible enough to decide what is to be picked up from the available information to help the child in true sense. We need to accept that as soon as the child completes three years, he/she is sent to school as a routine. A child does not come to school to know the answer of the questions that are in his/her mind. This is the biggest flaw of our education system, without knowing whether the children want to know something or not we start feeding their minds with information.
What needs to be done? First the children are to be prepared to receive and it must start since the children join class nursery. Instead of starting with alphabets it must start with experiments and observations so as questions arise in children’s mind. They become inquisitive. The knowledge received out of curiosity only is permanent knowledge. We need to build such education system, that children become inquisitive and Swastyayan is committed to take this responsibility.