Director’s Message

Mrs. Rajni Kanta Bisht
It’s a global buzz word, ‘We are drowning in the sea of information but starving for knowledge’
Does it hold true in India the land of the Vedas, Puranas, Upnishads and epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata? Does the truth seem lost? Ignorant of distinction between knowledge and information we are running after information in delusion of knowledge. the result is unmindful struggle and loss of peace of mind. Here comes the role of school, the role which the Gurukuls in ancient time played. The child needs to be introduced with the truth. The innocence and the purity of heart, soul and mind of the child need to be preserved or to be restored. Let him/her experience the power within, that ‘Brahma Bhawati Sarathi’ and then everything is facilitated, learning becomes effortless and the child becomes capable of accomplishing more with less efforts. Truly, roots are to be watered not the leaves. One child enlightened enlightens one generation. If a school could play this role the purpose of opening of a school is served, or it would too become one more addition in already burgeoning no. of the schools. Swastyayan has come in to existence with a great mission and noble cause and to fill the gap, created due to ignorance, commercialization of education and blatant aping of the West. Let us come together, join hands co-operate with one another, build a great school and thereby a great nation. Here I sign off with a wish, May the Almighty lead us to the path of righteousness so that we all play our roles religiously and effectively and contribute to make this world a wonderful place to live in and celebrate the gift of life!
Best Wishes!