• The school emphasizes on regularity of attendance of the students and therefore makes 95% attendance mandatory. Exemptions can be given only in cases of illness that too with strong evidence and certificate of a doctor.
  • Attendance on National Festivals is compulsory. In case of absence on these days heavy fine will be imposed. Prior permission should be taken for any unavoidable reason for absence.
  • Advance leave application dully signed by the parents/guardian is to be submitted for permission to remain absent. For some unwarranted exigencies, telephonic information can be sent but application too is to submitted the day the child joins the school after the absence.
  • Half Day leave would not be granted. But in unavoidable circumstances, after the prior permission of the principal it can be granted provided the parents themselves come to pick the child up.
  • After sickness the student will be allowed to attend the classes only on producing fitness certificate of the doctor.
  • Absence before the vacation and after the vacation is not permitted and may lead to strict action of even striking the student’s name off the school roll.
  • Students will be suitably rewarded for 100% attendance.
  • Photograph required for participation in any competition or for any school documents must be in school uniform.